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Right after I arrived in Charleston, I fielded a call from an aggrieved reader, who wanted to know why I never wrote about her favorite restaurant, Fatz Café. I explained that I focus primarily on locally owned, independent restaurants, which only upset her further. She’d always thought the Fatz in North Charleston was the only real Fatz Locations in the world.

Lately, though, fewer customers make that mistake about some of the 45 restaurants within the Greenville-based chain. “Fatz got off track just a little bit,” admits marketing v . p . Zac Painter. According to Painter, Fatz responded to the recession and ensuing drop-off in casual dining traffic by diluting its homegrown Southern character.

“We became everything to everyone, because everybody was fighting over every share of stomach there was clearly,” Painter says.

Now Fatz is trying to reverse that trend with a brand new menu featuring freshly made buttermilk biscuits, pimento cheese-and-bacon jam dip plated in a skillet and Mason jar cocktails. The restaurant’s also done away with anything that didn’t pass its “is it Southern?” test, including most of the pop music on its playlist.

“We once had an Asian chicken salad,” Painter says. “It had been a great salad, but it’s not what a Southern kitchen would serve, so that we took it away the menu.”

Painter said customers have mostly responded positively to the changes, there is however a company process in position for dealing with guests who desire their Mediterranean fish or pasta back.

“Someone from the support center or regional manager personally contact(s) them to say, ‘We promise you’re going to love what we’re doing,’” he says, emphasizing quality upgrades like a change to Carolina shrimp and homemade peach preserves; the condiment is supposed to reference the converted peach shed which 29 years ago housed the very first Fatz.

“From a kitchen perspective, we’re doing much more things in-house, so that we were required to streamline the menu therefore we could be really very best in class at whatever we do,” Painter continues. “We necessary to get back to what https://fatz.com/ was about.”

Fatz isn’t alone in seeking to nurse a friendly dining brand back to health. An oversaturated marketplace, interest in local food and also the interest in fast casual restaurants, including Chipotle, have devastated the casual dining sector. In 2016, Logan’s Roadhouse declared bankruptcy, while Ruby Tuesday and Bob Evans each closed lots of locations. Earlier this coming year, the parent company of Carrabba’s and Bonefish Grill announced it had been shuttering 43 outlets.

“It’s been rough,” Painter says. Other chains are tinkering with rebranding hoping turning customer demographics inside their favor. A 2014 Morgan Stanley study indicated that casual dining’s “core customers” are eaters between the ages of 50 and 68, which may explain why Cracker Barrel recently rolled out Holler & Dash, an exposed brick-and-cold brew cplgty kind of concept. “We developed Holler & Dash to leverage our brand strengths, more particularly our Southern roots,” a spokeswoman told AdWeek.

Still, aging restaurant chains must also address conditions that Mason jars and iron skillets can’t fix. Over a recent trip to the Fatz in North Charleston, only 2 of the tables in the section where I was seated were occupied. Within minutes of my arrival, one of many parties received its entrees, including an apparently undercooked steak.

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